Is Artificial Intelligence A Threat To Society?


Artificial Intelligence Explained and Its Future Implications

At some point or another, you must have heard the term artificial intelligence. But what is it? Well, Artificial Intelligence, also known as AI, is simply a replica of human intelligence mimicked through machines. These machines are programmed to think and act like human beings.

Whether you know it or not, Artificial Intelligence is all around us. The Google search engine that we use daily is a form of artificial intelligence. This form of artificial intelligence is known as Narrow Artificial Intelligence.

Narrow Artificial Intelligence

This is possibly the most popular form of AI as we use many of them daily. The focus of this form of AI is task performance. Google search engines help us to find information quickly and help us to explore unlimited subject matters, but it is only limited to the scope of what the Internet has to offer and nothing more. If it’s not on the Internet then Google can’t help us. Another example would be Siri or Alexa, though they are made in a way that may seem as if they are interacting with us, they can only perform tasks that they are programmed to do.

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Artificial Intelligence and the Future

We have been using artificial intelligence in our everyday lives for quite some time, but maybe we just didn’t realize that that’s what it is. So, to wonder if AI is the way of the future may be redundant because we are already living this ‘future’. Let’s not go off on a tangent and start thinking of robots and spaceships because AI will very much become our norm. There are so many other kinds of artificial intelligence apart from Narrow AI that is currently being developed such as Artificial General Intelligence.

Active work is being done on having machines that can think, act, and perceive things exactly like humans. It is believed that they shouldn’t be too far off from breaking new grounds with this research.

So, What Now?

No one can argue the fact that Artificial Intelligence is here to stay. It’s on your iPhone, in your email, and your car. As mentioned earlier, artificial intelligence also powers many functions of the different search engines and social media platforms that you use from day to day. Have you ever wondered why you see search suggestions or sponsored ads come up in your Instagram feed after you might have searched for it on Google? Yes…that is artificial intelligence.

So now, whenever you hear the term Artificial Intelligence again, don’t get scared or think of this as something that will come in the future. The future is now, in the palm of our hands, in the cars we drive and even in what we communicate with.

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